Web Design

Web Design

KBC Web Shop Design Example

Web Design

Not your thing?

You have no clue how to set up a great web site or shop?

Let alone maintain a web site or shop!

Now here is your chance to set up a real professional web design for a site or shop on a small budget!


Kiev Business Consulting has senior strategic thinking managers to develop and young professional programmers to create and maintain a fantastic web design for sites and shops.

Prices for web design starting from 199 Euro* only!

First we would like you to understand how this works.

Web Design

KBC Web Shop Design Example

  • After contacting us via one of our posts or ad’s we send you a small questionnaire to provide us information on your company.
  • We analyze the questionnaire and come to a conclusion is we can really be at help setting up your web site or online business.
  • If we think we can, we continue with an online conversation via Skype or Face time and have a deeper analysis of your business.
  • In this conversation we come to a final conclusion if we can help you set it up.
  • If we agree we will send you a written offer to set up the web site or shop.
  • After receiving the down payment of 50% for the 1st milestone into our account we start within 24 hours to send you proposals on how your site or shop should look like.
  • 25% payment 2nd milestone and 25% on the 3rd milestone. (Large project can contain more than 3 milestones)
  • Together with one of our specialists we choice the correct theme and start setting up the frame for you to have a quick look on the feel.
  • Next step, we need to have access to a file with text and pictures related to your business. This can be from an existing site or shop also.
  • After we agree on SEO works that need to be done for the site or shop. This is a very important and delicate issue to be found on the web.
  • Last and final step. Online marketing! We help set things up to market your business online and get clients to buy your products.

Everything we just described in the bullet point takes many hours of programming. How much depends very much on the complexity of your site or shop. Therefore it is impossible to make a complete offer upfront.

As an estimation it would cost you somewhere between 3.000 to 10.000 Euro normally!

To make things easy for you as a small entrepreneur we charge you only the set up cost of the site which varies between 199 and 499 Euro!

All the rest we do on a commission base**!

Web Design

KBC Web Shop Design Example

In our agreement for setting up the web shop we agree to collect 10% of your revenues in the shop.

So basically this is NO CURE NO PAY!

If we have your attention and you are interested to work with us, drop us an email here.

Here are some examples of web sites and shops build by Kiev Business Consulting;


*Starting price for web site

**For web shops after set up of the shop

Some examples in various industries:

KBC Web Design