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About Us

About Kiev Business Consulting

Kiev Business Consulting was established in 2013. Its founders from the Netherlands have more than 12 years’ experience in Eastern European countries and Ukraine in particular. Therefore we understand the mental differences between Ukrainians and Westerns. In general we can say the experience goes back more than 30 years in all aspects of the international business.

During 2014 Ukraine has gone through rough times with radical changes politically and economically and many more to come. We anticipate on the outcome of negotiations with the European Union to become a closer business partner at first and finally a possible member. Since the beginning of 2014 we see the first signs of such relations by the duties been taken away for exports from Ukraine to the EU.

Since Ukraine is the largest country in Europe with many commodities. With low labor cost and good geographic locations to Europe we see a bright future for the coming decades in trade and production.

We invite any European partner to contact us who wishes to import from or export to Ukraine and take advantage of our huge experience